NAILED IT! I mean, it is a bed of nails.

So yeah, I lay on a bed of nails.

2020 – Let’s do amazing things.

A few weeks back, on my personal facebook page, I posted the below : You wanna know why that’s funny? Cause it’s true. This new year, I have been quieter. Well, this whole holiday season, (see the last blog). But I was still here, reading, and lurking… LOL! And I saw a little bit of…

Hashimoto’s, Health, and Hot-Tempered.

In my case – my body says – “IMMUNE SYSTEM!  GATHER AROUND! THERE IS A FOREIGN BODY INVADING US! IT IS CALLED THE THYROID!  GO GET IT!”  is ridiculous proclamation if followed up with a strong warrior cry and steadfast speed to my thyroid.