50 before 50

Since the beginning of this pandemic, I’ve missed out on quite a few things. A couple concerts, a WWE Event, Crimecon, a trip to Chicago, and probably a lot of other things, that I refuse to think about right now. That being said, I decided I would do a 50 before 50. There are so…


This is not what I intended on writing about. At all. But if you haven’t seen this show on Netflix, called “Botched Up Bodies”. Watch it. Well, wait a second. If you have a weak stomach, or you are weak of heart – don’t watch it. But seriously. I am traumatized from seeing it. Completely….

Hashimoto’s, Health, and Hot-Tempered.

In my case – my body says – “IMMUNE SYSTEM!  GATHER AROUND! THERE IS A FOREIGN BODY INVADING US! IT IS CALLED THE THYROID!  GO GET IT!”  is ridiculous proclamation if followed up with a strong warrior cry and steadfast speed to my thyroid.