How long….

I’m at work again. I always used to cal you at this time. Jacoby would be napping. You would tell me what was in the mail. We would just talk for a few minutes. It’s weird being here now. It feels wrong. I feel like I should call you. I have a hard time striking up a conversation, because I start to cry. You were around me all the time. Everywhere. I always talked to everyone about you- just because I was so proud you were mine. An I was yours. You still are. You always will be. I am trying to make you proud.

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  1. Mo says:

    Shaun hears you. I know its not the same but he's there and he's listening. Thinking about you and your family.Maria


  2. Thank you – It's just been a really difficult day. I want to hold his hand, have a kiss – just call him and tell him about my day. I really miss him.


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