Scrapbook Memories…

So, I decided that I am making a digital scrapbook, and then I am going to have it professionally bound like a coffee table book – and it be the story of Shaun and I.  I know it seems crazy, but I want to make sure that every memory is completely documented.  Not one forgotten.  So I have slips of paper everywhere, the notepad app on the iPhone is quite handy, and dragon dictation too.  I wish I knew why I had such a panic of forgetting.  You can’t forget someone that amazing.  Someone that special.  But I want to make sure every detail is perfect.  Just like he is to me.  It’s gonna be a long endeavor, putting 3 years in pictures in a detailed book… but I hope it’s worth it.  I want to see his face, hear him sing to me, hold his hand… I love him guys more than you can know.  And it’s really painful to be in love with someone who is no longer here.

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  1. LeAnn Hunt says:

    I think the scrapbook is an awesome idea. Thanks you for sharing your life and Shaun through your blog. My heart aches for you and a family I don't know. Perhaps I will meet you at church sometime. Until then…I have found that is the easiest to use digital scrapbook sight online.


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